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Someone clue me in..

Here's a question. The Merlin's Beard thread hasn't been updated in weeks. What's been going on around SS? The only action I've seen has been in the MoM...

Any School related plots someone can catch me up on?

I know The Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain shall soon be loosing an eyebrow or two to an enchanted Tweezers...
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Database Errors Update

I am offering you guys my profuse apologies for the SnitchSeeker downtime. We're working diligently to fix the situation but, we are currently missing our technical crew so, we have thrown ourselves on the mercy of our extremely unhelpful server staff. They have very poor support for their services so while we banter with them over whether or not they do their job and FIX the problem, please continue to give us your patience and maybe spend some time in here cheering the site on. You can do it, SS! LOOOOOOAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD!!!!

Your friendly SS Minister of Magic,
Kris :)
Jessica (True Blood)

(no subject)

The New School Term is about to start, and we've got some awesome new professors for Jacques to hit on  all the students to get to know.

So, anyone got any plot theories? Do the masterminds behind the plot want to give us a little sniff of what the new term will have in store for everyone (and everyone's favourite french boy).

This term Jacques plans to try out for Quidditch and kiss at least two ravenclaws

What are your plans for your charrie?
Jessica (True Blood)

(no subject)

Poor Ravenclaw.

Y'all are going to have to do a lot of homework to make up for this one.
If only those New Ravenclaw's had listened to wise ol' Jacques.

Anyone have any suggestions on how we can get more people to read the classroom rules BEFORE they enter?

An explanation.

I have no obligation to do this.. I really don't. But at the same time, I have to realize the people I would leave hanging behind, and that's really the last thing I want to do. For those of you who haven't figured yet, this is Alex. Also known as falling from grace at SS. Or was known, anyways.

Yes, I have left SS. No, I don't know for how long. At this point, in my life, I just don't have time anymore. There's too many things happening and the time is passing by too fast, my life flashes before me and the only thing that used to be on my mind was the SS RPG. I don't want that, I don't need that. No matter how much I adore SS, and especially the RPG. You guys, the RP'ers--I have had the best time of my life. But at the same time, one must realize that life needs to go on...

On SS, I have had loads of good but also bad memories. Lately, it feels like the only way for me to move on is to... move on. To forget, to block everything out from my past. I know it may not be the best technique, but it's the only way I know how to.

Please don't think of me as gone forever. I'll always be with all of you, because each and everyone of you have imprinted a part of yourself onto me. A part I will never forget. You've showed me love, friendship, hate, acceptance, jealousy, anger and even emotions that I cannot even explain. I had moments when I literally cried because of the RPG, when I laughed to no end. And then again, there were the moments when I just didn't care anymore. But in the end, you'll be with me. Always.

Heh, I'm not very nice when it comes to saying goodbye.

When I come back, you'll know. I assure you...

But it's not goodbye. Not forever.

Thank you for everything.

I'll never forget.


Col. Mustard

Alrighty then people, since Col Mustard is so very very popular this term and LB is tired of Col Mustard Speculation in his OOC What In Merlin's Thread, (Understandable since that thread is supposed to be for INFORMATION ONLY), We have opened up this area to discuss the famous (infamous?) student person.

Speculate/Ask/Guess away all!!!
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[notice] taking an extended absence

Heyas everyone!

As some of you may or may not know, I've been gone for a while and since I suddenly got a bunch of PMs asking where I'm at and if I'm okay, I thought I might give everyone a head's up over here. With that said, my apologies for not PMing back; my net connection is really spastic of late, so it was easier for me to just post here all at once.

My wherabouts is simple. I'm simply not around anymore and for that, I have my own personal reasons of which I will share a few.

The first reason, though not the most important, is that I'm hopefully headed towards university graduation next semester if all goes as planned and I need to really focus to push myself to finish.

As a result, I am and have been limiting my online interactions a bit more.

As a result of my limitatons, I also don't want to be an irresponsible person in regards to my online duties so I've resigned from being a moderator and also decided to resign from SS altogether in the process.

The other reason is that it's simply time for me to move on. Every time has its people and its trends and mine has been passing me by of late and I guess I finally decided to listen to the call of the while gulls from the sea.

When I first came to SS and later became a moderator, I had a few goals I had hoped to accomplish. I'm happy to say that I've done the best that I could have and that I am glad I've been able to do what I've been able to do even if the results weren't quite what I had hoped for.

I've made close friends from all walks in life and for that, I am glad. Thanks to everyone who befriended me and who let me befriend them. Thanks to the my family of fellow mods and Admins who helped to make me feel at home and who showed me the ropes. Thanks to everyone in general for showing me respect and courtesy. o^^o

To my Slyths: Always a Slytherin at heart. ^~ Even though Zekke's not the mushy sort, that's what he thinks. You guys were my little family and I was terribly protective of you all. LOL Take care of yourselves and show your Slytherin Pride! That, and don't give B too much trouble, hmm? Otherwise I'll send the spirit of Zekke over to haunt you all. XD j/k. Sort of.

To my Knockturn peeps: Always an RPer at heart, too. XD You all behave! Don't let me be the one to catch you doing the hanky panky if/when I ever pop back online to take a peek. ^~

To Everyone: A belated Happy Holidays and thank you and goodbye, at least for now.

I've been told that saying goodbyes can be a sign of vanity and maybe it is, but leaving without saying something doesn't feel or sound quite right either. The ones who have come to trust me and respect me deserve that much. I'm leaving, but I'm not abandoning anyone. *chuckles* Just ask B or N. Whatever protectiveness I used to have is still there and still strong.

PLEASE take care of yourselves. PLEASE respect each other and the rules that govern SS. PLEASE be considerate of the newbies, even if they make you scream. PLEASE utlitize the report post button when you need to. PLEASE don't hesitate to contact a mod if something isn't right or if you have a question. PLEASE have fun.

And please don't PM me as I won't be checking my PM box with any amount of frequency. I'll still have MSN if you want to get in touch or AIM if you know my AIM SN or you can email me.

... And now... I'm stalling, 'cause I hate saying goodbye. *grins*

Okay, for reals, everyone. I'm outta here.

And yes, removal of the comment feature was NOT accidental. ^~
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(no subject)

Every year, every term, more and more members join SS. We all get excited for the sorting and the beginning of the term, welcoming the new house mates to the family and whatnot. But once the welcoming is done with and the term actually begins, all of those lovely feelings disperse.

This is mainly based on Professor Virohsa’s classroom opening this morning. A post obviously stated that they were not to enter the classroom. That meant they could post their charries outside the classroom, but of course, they decided to have conversations with everyone. Everyone should have read the rules before even joining the site, or before sorting; spamming classroom threads with pages of chat, even if it’s IC, is a big no-no.

And then you have the young Hufflepuff and his many girlfriends throughout this term, the changing couples that aren’t afraid of PDA. I hate to burst their love bubble, but PDA on a G (PG?) site is another no. They’ve been caught being lovey-dovey by The Lake, Hufflepuff Common Room, as well as outside of the Virohsa’s classroom. Nabiya, Kay, even Amaris through her character, have told the couples that PDA is frowned upon, but they are ignored.

I’ve seen Nabiya post many OOCs toward her house as well as other houses and have gone completely ignored. Why is it that every year Prefects are treated with less and less respect, hm?

What’s the point of all this? I’m getting there now.

As rules keep getting violated and students end up in detention within the first week of the term [*thud*], annoyance and sighs emerge in many of the members. I hadn’t meant to make something of this, but I suggested to a few members that the new members should be forced to read the rules before they are allowed to be sorted. Then the idea furthered. Everyone makes mistakes, this I know from experience, and I think it would be a good idea to have “babysitters” for each House, four or five at the most. If the new members had a question, they could PM them, or if they get in trouble, one of the “sitters” will PM them and explain to them what they did wrong and the consequence to their actions. Hopefully they won’t repeat their mistakes after that.

I know it doesn’t sound right to use the word “babysitters” but it was the best I could think of. They would help out with the Prefects, making their jobs much easier and wouldn’t just be helping the school, but throughout the site. They would also keep a log of the students they speak with, keeping a tally of those who cause trouble even after they are warned.

Finally, there’s a last suggestion, though I am doubtful of it being heard entirely. Once someone has been warned through three OOCs, but continue to ignore them, something should be done to prove to them that people are given authority for a reason. Although harsh, after so many warnings, posting access to certain areas should be taken away. An explanation would be PMed to the member and a warning that if they continue, the same thing will happen. Irritation should make them obey.

I was going to post this in the Suggestion Box, but I didn’t wish to spam it and be told to post it on the LJ community, so I’m saving the time of deleting posts and posting it here in the first place.

Yeah, Sounds Like A Plan, Nay, Fat Chance, No Way Jose?

-Reas a.k.a. TrixiePixie