Lee (journal_of_lee) wrote in ss_school,

Ghosts!!! OoOoOoOoOo.

 Let's get this eljay a bit more active because it's such a waste of a good resource. So, so far nothing much has happened except the Potions Master, Professor Bontecou, is the new Headmaster and that ghosts have arrived back at Hogwarts (not to mention Professor Kazimeriz must have some sort of Voldie blood in him! XD haha - love him really <3 ).

So - any ideas as to where the plot is going this term? It's bound to be something not seen before with the ton of new staff this year, each with their own ideas. Andddd I suppose we could make bets as to who is going to win the house and quidditch cup this year? *COUGH* HUFFLEPUFF *COUGH*

But comment! and feel free to make your own entries and lets try and get the SS_school eljay up and running again : ).
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