Erin (cassirin) wrote in ss_school,

Game 1 - Clara Clara Belle

So we might alternate with other character's names... I suppose it all depends on whoever starts off the newest round. This game is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose on SS was (back in the day).

Each person posts Clara (like duck), hoping that the person after them will also post Clara. If the person after you posts BELLE instead... then you have complete the dare they give. You HAVE to do the dare... on your honor as a Hogwart's student.


Person 1: Clara.
Person 2: Clara.
Person 3: Clara
Person 4: BELLE! I dare you to write a limerick to Lord Borr.
(Person 3 must complete this dare... IN A TIMELY MANNER).

Please make your response to the person ahead of you, unless you are starting a new round after the BELLE has been called. In that case, respond to this original post so we can keep track.

Examples of dares:
*Write a poem/ode/limerick about ____________.
*Write a drabble/double drabble/ficlet about _______________.
*Write or record a song about __________________.
*Draw a picture in paint or make a graphic about _______________.
*Tell a true fact about your character no one knows.
The list is endless. Please give something to do that can be posted here (MSN convos can be copy/pasted so that is PROBABLY ok) and something to do with the RP.

Have fun.
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