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Where'd everyone go?

Come backkk.

This livejournal's got a new look.  It's been pimped! Yeh.  (Don't worry, I promise never to say that again.)  Anyways, I hope you guys like the new look of the journal andddd I also hope you guys use it! =D

Just a note: if you're posting any large images, please try to post them under a LJ-cut.  Large images will make the layout look a little strange.  Uhmmm...what else...  OH, the backgrounds a little dark, so try not to post in any dark colours.  Anddd, that's it, I think. =D

I hope you enjoy!

(By the way, this is Tailz.  I've made a new Livejournal accout. ^_^)
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Ghosts!!! OoOoOoOoOo.

 Let's get this eljay a bit more active because it's such a waste of a good resource. So, so far nothing much has happened except the Potions Master, Professor Bontecou, is the new Headmaster and that ghosts have arrived back at Hogwarts (not to mention Professor Kazimeriz must have some sort of Voldie blood in him! XD haha - love him really <3 ).

So - any ideas as to where the plot is going this term? It's bound to be something not seen before with the ton of new staff this year, each with their own ideas. Andddd I suppose we could make bets as to who is going to win the house and quidditch cup this year? *COUGH* HUFFLEPUFF *COUGH*

But comment! and feel free to make your own entries and lets try and get the SS_school eljay up and running again : ).
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101 Things We Love About the School RPG

Yup, let's see if we can come up with 101 things we LOVE about RPing in the school or on SS. Try to read those ahead of you so you don't repeat (we don't need 101 of the SAME THING!) and feel free to be as creative as you want.

Let's keep them numbered too.

1. I love creating really silly characters to play with and then figuring out their really silly histories.
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Game 1 - Clara Clara Belle

So we might alternate with other character's names... I suppose it all depends on whoever starts off the newest round. This game is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose on SS was (back in the day).

Each person posts Clara (like duck), hoping that the person after them will also post Clara. If the person after you posts BELLE instead... then you have complete the dare they give. You HAVE to do the dare... on your honor as a Hogwart's student.


Person 1: Clara.
Person 2: Clara.
Person 3: Clara
Person 4: BELLE! I dare you to write a limerick to Lord Borr.
(Person 3 must complete this dare... IN A TIMELY MANNER).

Please make your response to the person ahead of you, unless you are starting a new round after the BELLE has been called. In that case, respond to this original post so we can keep track.

Examples of dares:
*Write a poem/ode/limerick about ____________.
*Write a drabble/double drabble/ficlet about _______________.
*Write or record a song about __________________.
*Draw a picture in paint or make a graphic about _______________.
*Tell a true fact about your character no one knows.
The list is endless. Please give something to do that can be posted here (MSN convos can be copy/pasted so that is PROBABLY ok) and something to do with the RP.

Have fun.

Quidditch Talk

Captains - If SS isn't running by Monday, then team rosters need to be emailed to me on MSN by 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 1st (if SS is up on Tuesday, then get them to me by the same time but via PM). Title your message 'Team Roster" so I don't think its spam and automatically delete it.

The first round of games are as follows:
July 10 & 11: Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor
July 15 & 16: Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

The games will begin on these days at 7pm EST and will last for two hours. 

Any predictions on how students will enjoy watching the game from the Stands? Predictions on the games themselves (be nice)? Will the Ministry intervene with the games?

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Hey guys... SS is down. Again.

So... let's use this community to chat about school issues. Anyone?

For example... I want to know what you think about the following:

*who's your favorite IC ship?
*who's your favorite ship that will probably never happen?
*how can we possibly reunite the two schools?
*what the heck is wrong with cranky Headmistress Rae?
*who's feeding Bartholemew?
*do you agree with those people who say the RPG needs ghosts again?
*why doesn't Brennan like yellow?
*can someone make me a really sweet avatar for the when the site reopens? I'm ready for some open revolt after those nasty wasty Ministry officials came to Rae's office.
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:( I can't believe term is over seems like it went faster than the term over the summer. Perhaps it's just me.


I'm not entirely sure...did Slytherin win the house cup? They haven't announced anything yet, but they  are in the lead by over 200 points...*shrug*  If anyone knows, please les me know!


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